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Town Planner Taree

Get Your DA Approval Faster

You have the land, the contractors, and the plans, but you have been waiting on your DA approval from the council. PDA Planning can provide the support, connections, and proper documentation to get your development approval moving forward. As a town planner Taree, we are familiar with the past findings of the Council and what they focus on when looking at new developments in the surrounding area. Based on your proposed project, we can line up the social impact study, environment reports, or traffic information that may be holding things up.

A Town Planner Taree with the Experience and Knowledge You Need

Time is money, right? Make sure that your property is able to begin the development or expansion project you have in mind without delay. Town planners have a wide range of education and experience designed to help you move forward. We look at your project with a wide use perspective and consider how its presence may affect infrastructure, community, endangered species, and water catchments. Once we spot an area of question, we can help complete the studies that the Council will request and create a plan of action to address any required revisions.

Working with Home Owners, Commercial, and Industrial Developers

You may call us a town planner, but PDA Planners work with developers of all sizes including homeowners thinking about adding a granny flat or splitting the property for a subdivision. We also have the experience to work with large developers looking to add a major sporting facility, rural enterprise office buildings, or service centres. What did you forget when drawing up the plans? We're here to catch it before you submit plans to the Council for approval.

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